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Reviews coming... i've been reading but life has been NUTSO busy. So i haven't written or posted the reviews in a couple months.

Also i have ventured into the writing world myself and I am working on 2 different novels. One is on hiatus but the other is my big baby at the moment...  excited to be a novelist! Stay tunned for info in the future of opportunities to read and review and give me your feedback!  :)


Side Jobs, was a nice change of pace. A collections of story compilations of various other stories slotted between the main Dresden File novels. It's nice to learn more about the characters that I already enjoy following so much.

It added some nice flavour and diversity to the series having input and themes that Mr. Butcher and other writers worked on together. I really enjoyed hearing some of the other tales that happened between the main Dresden File books I have previously read.

I would really encourage Mr. Butcher to take part in these projects more in the future as it's not very often that I have seen many authours work together on a series already in motion. The genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy have so much to offer a reader given the write story lines and characters in a talented writer's hands.

I also found the introduction to each short story and novella by Mr. Butcher a really effective way to connect with the writer and gave it some insight into the writer's frame of mind and take on the story to you were about to read. It was a nice little something extra for the reader.

I give this book a 5/5 - I would have liked to see more stories fitted into this book, but it was very interesting and a different take on a novel.


Book 12 - Changes By: Jim Butcher


I have to say that Changes is the best book in the Dresden Files Series to date. So much happens in this instalment of Dresden's life. This books challenges Harry and some of those closest to him to battle the vicious Red Court. While calling in some favours Harry has to make some deals that he rather not have to and lead to future changes that all converge and take the reader on a hell of a global trip battling all sorts of nasties. You really find out who you can trust to have your back in this book.

Jim Butcher doesn't disappoint in pulling at those heart strings and making this book an epic battle ride between the love of a parent for their child and the extent one can take revenge against someone else.

There are lots of shocks in this twisted tale that will leave you gasping and cheering right to the last page. Dresden really finds out the kind of man he is and how deep his love can go for those dearest to him.

I rate this book 5/5. Jim Butcher hit it right out of the park with this latest Dresden File book.


Here are some articles for tips on reviewing and feedback on writing. I plan to go through these articles and start making some changes to how I write my reviews and even my stories



I'm excited!

I'm trying to get in touch with publishers and websites where I can score some free books in exchange for reviews. I sent one off to TLC book tours today and look forward to hearing from them. Lots of exciting new books soon to be read, but I am still chopping my way through the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The review for Changes, is soon to come :)

Any authours reading my blog or people with books and connections to read and review some new authour's works, please leave a message  :)

Also starting to write my own book about the life of a vampire assassin character I am currently role playing in a gaming group with some friends. So that's going to be awesome. She's a pretty tough chica and has a hell of a history and life as part of an elite vampire order in charge of controlling the balance of power amongst cainite society (vampire society). It will be a nice shift from being the reader to the writer. I look forward to publishing and promoting my book on the blog here and around the internet.


Book 11- Turn Coat - Jim Butcher

Turn Coat - Book 11 - Jim Butcher


I enjoyed the spin in this book. Up until this point Warden Morgan has consistently loomed over Harry ready to strike out and kill him. This time he needed Harry's help and after some quick thoughts on taking on this case when Morgan shows up half dead on his doorstep.

It was nice to see the character grow by helping someone that has been so scary and a real threat to his personal safety in his life. He definitely learns some troubling things while investigating the death of a Senior Council member and this crusty old Warden.

While I had a bit of a tough time getting through parts of the book before this one, I found this book back to steady, gripping story writing at it's best.

Looking forward to Changes, the next book in the Dresden Files. I rate Turn Coat as 5/5.


Belle - Lesley Pearse

Belle - Lesley Pearse


This was a graphically haunting and realistic portrayal of human trafficking in Europe and the USA during the early 1900's.

While I enjoyed the book and it was a quick read, the story was difficult to read at many parts as myself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I admired Belle's fighting spirit, as like her, I wouldn't give up on being free of my abusive situations and those responsible. So I had a lot of sympathy and understanding of Belle's experiences as I went through the book.

The book was well written and the characters realistic and well written, not just hard to bond and relate to fictional characters. Furthermore, there were many plots within the story arc, and it kept me on the edge of my seat and not wanting to put the book down.

I didn't like some of the words or phrases the author used. The slang used from the early British 1900's was hard to grasp and feel they were real words or what was exactly being said. With this being an unedited copy I was left second guessing some of what and how it was written. So as a reader, that was frustrating at times.

I would recommend this book to others and hope to read other books by Lesley Pearse. I rate this book 4/5.

Book 10- Small Favor - Jim Butcher


Book 10 of the series, what a ride. Get ready for a very big roller coaster ride of characters and events. The feel of the books are changing as they progress in the series, but for the good. I love how the characters have been built into the stories and how they come in and out of the story lines instead of them being one offs for a few books.

I really like how Harry has a family now. While they may not all be blood related, they're always there when he needs them. Whether or not he actually verbalizes it, they show up and cover him even if it means being willing to risk their lives.

The only character that hasn't really been brought back much is Susan, Harry's last love interest. Though a new relationship seems to be developing between Harry and an unlikely powerful woman. I am excited to see where that relationship goes, as it could be quite the romance.

I rate this book 5/5


Book 9 - White Night - Jim Butcher


I felt this book was a different feel and style to the rest of the Dresden Files Series. I did enjoy it but it was a bit rougher around the edges than his other novels of the series. I think he was going for that feel because of the huge shit storm that takes place in this novel.

I liked how you found out some more information and answers that the last book had left the reader guessing on. The black council, Thomas' new job and digs. It was nice to get some answers and thicken the plot surrounding the Black Council that's taking shape as the series continues.

It was hard to put down once it hit a bit beyond half way. I rate it 5/5 even though it was a different feel, I enjoyed reading it as much as the other books so far in the Dresden Files. I look forward to what book 10, 'Small Favor' has in store for readers.


Book 8- Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher


I really enjoyed reading book 8 of the Dresden Files. If you've not read it yet then you may want to skip on this review as there are spoilers.

I enjoyed the story arcs leading to a strengthening bond between Harry and the Carpenter family. Seeing him taking on more duties both official and unofficial for the White council. Balancing his business with a new role as a Warden of the White Council.

The ending was also well done and leads into the future books and lines of loyalty. I look forward to continue reading the series.

I rate this book 5/5 as well. A fantastic moving read.